08 May 2008

"i suck" tag

my best friend markelle, tagged me with the "i suck"...so ive been thinking of all the things that i do that make me suckie...its kindof funny, but also has made me think about some things that i might want to change about myself....so here it goes...

my top 20 "i suck":

1. i have canelled plans with people on several different occasions at the last minute for stupid reasons, i knew it wasnt very cool of me but....well i dont have a good excuse.

2. at my last job, i had the privilege of going to the theaters for free anytime, matinee or evening showings and have ONE guest...i brought more than one "guest" with me to the movies everytime and never paid for the extra "guest"...i feel guilty about it now.

3. i suck #3 has a few suckies in it... when i first moved to cali, i lived with my aunt. she would get me up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to go running with her...at 5:30 a.m. i am absolutely positive that i was RUDE every morning and i COMPLAINED about being awake before the sun rose everytime. sorry mimi...along with running, after i moved out i told her that i would still meet her at the lake to run...needless to say, i havent made it over there to meet her since i moved...sorry again mimi.

4. i am not a morning person. i fight my alarm clock every morning... so i dont ever get ready for work...

5. recently it was pointed out to me that if i dont eat breakfast or a little something before 11:00 a.m, i get grouchy...i dont think i have always been this way

6. if i put something off till the last minute, i usually wake up really early the next morning thinking/worry-ing about everything that i still have to do...this makes me cranky because i feel like the best sleep i get is the last few hours before i wake up...

7. i hate packing...but i LOVE LOVE LOVE to go on trips...i usually finish packing as im rushing out the door...

8. the phone: i avoid phone calls like the plague, i am terrible about returning messages and i dont like voicemails, unless its a funny one...and i dont really like texting...overall i dont like the phone...which is ironic for several different reasons ;)

9. since i live in a crappy apartment with out a washer and dryer...and i am too snobbish to wash my clothes at the laundry mat in my complex...i take my clothes to my aunt's house...it now takes me about a week to put away my clean laundry...not very proud of this.

10. there are TWO things that i complain about more often than i do most other things...those are 1. my long distance relationship and 2. my roommate...

11. i dont like to share my clothes...but i have a hard time saying no. there is something about seeing my clothes on someone else that i really dont like...maybe its a little selfish.

12. i have a problem being assertive...i guess i need to work on that

13. when i get to work in the a.m. before my stinky employees, i will purposely park right in front of the warehouse door...i know this totally BUGS my field manager, but it makes me happy, so i do it anyway. hehe!

14. i watch T.V. on the internet at work...mostly for background noise...

15. i compare myself to everyone...i am my worst critic fo sho

16. i started framing some of the photos i have taken, but i procrastinate hanging them...so they

all sit in a corner of my room.

17. my heels have always been extra dry...i hate them...but im too lazy to make them look any better...ew.

18. i have successfully killed every fish i have ever owned within a month or two of buying them...all betas...all dead.

19. im the silent revenge type...i find that when i am mad about something or at someone...i have a hard time voicing my opinion...so i do other things silently that release my anger...i sound evil...this all goes back to being assertive.

20. I am terrified of birds...if they are in the trees near my apartment i throw rocks at them...like a little kid.

theres my 20 suckies...and a little insight to me... ;)

mimi and shelly i tagg you two with the "i suck"...give me 20 ladies!


Michelle Blair said...

KK, you suck for tagging me!! love you!

Markelle said...

I just have to know what "other things" do you do silently to release your anger? voodoo? haha

Yay, I knew there was a reason resurrecting the "I suck" tag--to make me laugh and get to know you EVEN better! Oh my favorite on is #13, cracks me up.

Pyatt said...

You DON'T suck KT...You're the best!!

Leah Finch said...

And I think all those reason are totally awesome and not in the least bit suckie! You don't SUCK! Love ya

Kristina said...

yoU WhO.... so fun to come upon your blog! your pictures are amazing! and I loved reading about your suckiness! your awsome!