24 May 2008

farmpit...home sweet home

my trip home this last week was filled with random events...shelly's bday...my parent's dogs...hanging out with fam...and a bit of time to spend with paul. i love going home!

i neglected my camera, so i didnt capture most of the fun that i did have with everyone. and the pictures that i did get aren't that great...but it works for a random post.

the best part of it all is that i fly back again next week :) i just cant get enough of farmpit!


Melissa said...

Ryan says he taught Morgan how to do that...to shoot spiderwebs. Hannah wants to know where her pic is...in the first one, she pointed to the corner and said, "hey, that's my arm!" We have a blog now. Check it out! We love ya!

MBlairsLars said...

You are a dead woman.....what is this I want to move back.....you don't like your aunt and her kids do you. Listen here.....you live in paradise......DON'T MOVE! I love you too much

Michelle Blair said...

Very cute KK. Thanks for advertising my age! Come back to your favorite aunt ;) We love you and miss you!

Markelle said...

ruh ro he made the blog...that is pretty big for Mr. Deliberto. Anywho I am glad you had fun I just wish I had got to see you!