20 May 2008

birthday wishes


i hope that today is a AWESOME 23rd birthday for you. thanks for being my BFF ;) and my back-bone through all the ups and downs that life has to offer. i love you so much...would you believe that i am a little teary just thinking about how great you are :)
p.s. i LOVE this picture of you and jack


Markelle said...

awwww, thanks Katie--I think you are great too! You did a great job on the picture, I love the soft edges...thanks again for taking so many good pictures of Jack when you visited. You are so talented. You seriously are the BEST! love you

Rebecca said...

Oh! I love this picture! I haven't seen many pics of Jack except whats on her blog! This was fun to see! I Like all your pics of the flowers, I tried to get some good flower pics in Hawaii, but I only got a few and not even the prettiest ones!