04 July 2011

from sea to shining sea

proud to be an American:
we had a wonderful 4th of july weekend.

sunday night {the third} we went to a friends house for a little get together.
{photos on that later}
finished up the night at gram & peeps with family
& the city fireworks.

we are celebrating the 4th with a family hamburger & hotdogque
at granma & greypa's.
a night swim & some illegal fireworks.
{photos on that later}

{obviously i do not know how to use my polaroid camera...}

happy fourth of july!

God Bless the USA.


Jessie said...

lovin' the polas!

Michelle Blair said...

So cute. They look like old photos in my day. Glad you guys had a great 4th! Love u!

Hello. My name is Meshan. said...

Still waiting for pictures from the 4th! :) I love all your quotes you do at the beginning and ends of your posts!!