05 January 2010

heart you

love is a many splendid thing: mr. mcphee & i got in the photo booth,
& he
all i need is love.


Niki Carter said...

super cute.

kristina said...

you two are so cute and lovey dovey! I had fun checking out all the new posts I have missed from christmas! I love your words as well as the stunning photos! and I especially love the post about the letter! it made me tear up!

Kristin said...

So sweet! I love photobooths!!!

Poulsen Family said...

I am writing down the 30th on my calendar and keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that day! I am SO EXCITED for you :)
I guess you can see the baby bump in person then. I still haven't overcome my fears to put it up on the blog- vain, I know.
Can't wait to see you!