04 January 2010

eleven {months}

the meaning of nora is LIGHT:

nora is
11 months {give a couple weeks},
around twenty one lbs {my little tiny heifer},
tall for her age group,
eating everything {including the soles of any shoe laying around, her crib, her books, boxes, the couch, etc.},
puts crumbs in her hair every time she eats {always finding goodies behind her ears}
puts everything in her mouth {EVERYTHING}
teething {getting her back molars},
watching the swan princess {& signing time},
walking & running,
says bye, da, & ma {we may be the only ones that understand her though},
talks to herself {all day},
reads to herself,
loves going bye bye,
fake coughs {perfectly},
wears shoes,
getting more hair,
plays patty cake,
sucks her {left} thumb more than ever,
loves playing with her older cousins {chloe & gavin especially},
rolls {& rolls & rolls & rolls} around in her blanket,
pulls rags, clothes, blankets, etc. onto her head,
lays in bed with us every morning,
gives kisses,
eats bubbles in the tub,
loves the vacuum,
laughs, smiles, squeals,
& many other things.

nora grayce is constantly on the go, go, go. i love this about her. by the end of the day she is exhausted & so am i. i love being her mother.

i love her laugh, her smile, her voice, her teeth, her bum cheeks, her chubby feet & hands, her fingernails & toenails, her ears, her hair, her beautiful blue eyes, her eyelashes, her little barrel of a belly, her bowlegged walk, when she sucks her thumb... i love her everything & always.

& this little tiny LIGHT is mine.

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