22 April 2008


This is one of my favorite photos from a vaca to O'ahu several months ago. It captures the view of the southern part of the island from the top of the Diamond Head Crater at the end of Waikiki. The trail up to the top is paved so its not a terrible journey, definately a site to see from the top. B-E-A-utiful!
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Rebecca said...

I love this picture- that is an amazing view! I am getting to go to Hawaii for the first time this summer, this gets me really pumped! Markelle talked me into blogging and I feel silly, I even threatened to erase my blog, but of course she talked me out of it. Thanks for your comments esp. on the boys I'm a bit partial! Keep blogging, its kind of fun, and I need more friends too!

Markelle said...

rats my sister beat me to your first comment!jk

All I can think about when I see this picture is Paul's voice "As we make our way--to the Diamond Head Crater..." cracks me up. Love you and I will probably talk to you today:)

Michelle Blair said...

KK, I love you blog. I don't see any pictures of a certain someone else that was in Hawaii with you! :)

Leah Finch said...

Yah, who were you with there??? lol.