23 April 2008

east asia

This summer I had an opportunity to go to China to teach English for two weeks and travel around for another week or so. I took a lot of photos and havent really known what to do with all of them...way too many to even pick out for a goofy post...but here are a few that I like.
Markelle...enjoy my blogger friend ;)


Markelle said...
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Markelle said...

Hehe I was the one who deleted the comment above...there was a typo. Let me try again--

yay, another post! I like these pictures too, especially the chick on her moped. It reminds me of when I went to Korea. (You know how all waitresses look alike)

Freakin love the lilypad too! by the way are you cheatin on me? I thought I was the only one in your blogging world.

Pyatt said...


We haven't seen you in way TOO long...we need to have a play date soon!! Hope all is well...take care!!
Love your blog!


Rachael said...

welcome to blogger world...watch out you may get addicted! I love the pictures from Asia, Dan and I went to Thailand and I loved it! Lets see some pics from Cali!

Leah Finch said...

HI! I'm going to go teach in China someday!!! I'd love to see Cali pics too!